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Why choose us?

Municipal Tree Services Portland OR

Northwest Arbor-Culture Inc Arborists have extensive experience with City, County, State and Federal, entities to include Parks and Recreation, street tree maintenance and school districts.

• Large tree trimming
• Artistic Lacing
• Shaping
• Crown Restoration
• Ornamental Pruning
• Trimming for fruit production
• View Enhancement
• Cabling and Bracing
• Removal
• Hazardous Removal
• Removal by crane



• Stump Grinding/Stump Removal
• Planting
• Transplanting
• Fertilizing
• Root Barrier Installation
• Consultation
• Expert Testimony
• Forensic Arborist Consultation
• Tree Value Assessment
• Brush chipping and brush clearing

We provide Tree, Landscape and Consulting services throughout Oregon and Washington

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